The Northern part of Nigeria is dying and at the verge of collapsing. The singular reason for this is the lack of leadership in the north.
Who is a leader? A leader according to Encarta dictionary is either somebody who guides or directs others or somebody/something in front of all others. This definition tells us that a leader should always be in front to take the lead unlike what we find in the north, someone who is ready to feel what his followers are feeling.
Who is a dealer? A dealer according to Encarta dictionary is a person or company whose business is buying and selling. Anyone, who is into buying and selling is only after the profit he will make at the end of the transaction, he is not interested in the buyer satisfaction just his profit.
Now after seeing who a leader and a dealer is we now look at the northern leaders is relationship to just doing business in the office they are elected into. Our leaders I am sorry to write this about you but if I don’t the much needed change will not happen. All the happenings in the north is just a result of doing business at the expense of leading people from out of there miseries, the highest level of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, insecurity, destitute, poor health care, poor educational system, low self esteem in Nigeria is in the North, yet the North has produce more President/Head of State than the other regions of Nigeria put together. (my facts above are in realities not fictional)
What are our leaders doing, that they cannot see the situation of the region what happens to the legacy left by our founding heroes as we sing in our National anthem (“the labours of our heroes of past shall never be in vain” what a hypocrisy) the legacies of Sir Ahmadu Bello, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Sir Kashim Ibrahim to mention but a few? Our present leaders are just interested in the return they get from whatever money the nation is given, always the northern governor don’t like the shearing formula, the northern senators are against the PIB is what we see, hear or read form the media. They are just like the dealer described above who is just interested in the profit he makes not the satisfaction of the person buying.
To prove my point the more is the statement of the chairman of the Northern governor’s forums Alh. (Dr.) Babangida Aliyu the executive governor of Niger state who came out to tell us that they had a deal with our President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, that he will run for just one year, no wonder the situation in the North is getting worse by the day, who know if the insurgence in the North was part of the deal that was made. I can see why the northern leaders are all calling for amnesty, I can only guess it’s a good deal for them.
The North was the back born of the nation I could remember reading my regional geography text books and I see Nigeria among the world’s largest exporters of groundnut, cotton etc. the profit gotten from such exportation was part of the money that build the refineries we had, now we can’t even produce the once we need to survive. The insurgence in the North can only be stopped by the northern leaders not the presidency granting amnesty “the owner of the house know where his house is licking”.

Our leaders have brain wash us the Northerners into believing that development is from the presidency that the presidency is responsible for the regions development. I say that is a big lie. The presidency makes policies and oversees the regions, every state has a monthly allocation, every senator have constitutional allowances, this are the money that are to be used to develop the region, what about the tax the government collect form people in the region, what about funds from world bank to underdeveloped nations which Nigeria is a beneficiary the North the sole consumer of such funds.
It time for us the northerners to stand up and see our leaders for who they are not what they say they are, my prayer is that this information will go a long way in helping my people in emancipating ourselves from this state of mind which has being controlled by our leaders.

Change begins with you and me, it’s time to change



  1. My earnest prayer is that our learders will have, we the masses in their precious heart. Honestly it hurts when I hear or see innocent people dying for just absolutely no cause, where is our great country takin us to? I wish I have the singular power/strength to calm the hearts of those doing all these. Please let’s all live in peace kos it pays to be peaceful. One-Love Greay NAIJA!!!


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