Exodus:movement of my people BY Emmanuel Musa Durkwa

Emmanuel Musa Durkwa wrote this and I will love you to read it too (http://emmanueldurkwa.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/exodusmovement-of-my-people/)

Exodus:movement of my people

Am a typical naija boy,so every Nigerian is my personal person,I was opportune to go to a unity school,F.G.C maiduguri where I met and stayed with a lot of people from all over the country..I had friends from all over amongst few are..Bakura “typical kanuri boy”who says “parii” to everything,Ugochukwu “the ba hausa boy”becos he came from Nteje in anambra,Okwudilli “nyamirin hausa” who speaks hausa more than some of us northerners,talk of Femi ” mai soro” the yoruba Prof.he could t sleep outside during heat seasons,and fears cane like death,talk of Amanke “the dodger” the taraba boy,talk of Elbadawi “the neatest boy” from Yobe,Yakubu “barrack Boy” the KD boy,Malgwi “Ganzydon” the boy from hawul,myself the poor village boy from Adamawa.. We really had fun back then in school leaving in the same apartment,soaking Garri inside buckets,sharing blankets when its cold..waking the sleeping Muslims when prayers is being called,working together hard every saturday so we can be the neatest house for the week..it was a memory I cherish a lot..
But what has happened to Nigeria today..people like Okwudili can no longer stay in the north after being born and brought up in Maiduguri? I remember going with him to his fathers spare part shop and he will give us some change to buy things,people like Oguchukwu can no longer come to the North To school,People Like Bakura who always wanted to work with shell can no longer go to the south,Femi who wanted to be a Prof like wole Soyinka couldt do that in the north has to go to Benin..
I most confess am saddened with what religion and ethnicity has turn Nigeria to.the Massive movement of people from north to south and from south to north is really uncalled for..the massive deployment of armed men to places of worship is really devastating..
Despite the ugly picture I have painted I still believe we can get out of the woods,let’s all check inside us and refuse to believe what others want us to believe “that we are enemies” let’s check our inner self and share that love which lies deep within us,the love to drink Garri in the same bucket with your Christian/Muslim friend,the love to share your Blanket when your Muslim/christian brother is cold..that’s the love we all want and that’s the love all of us have within us let’s just explore and make use of it…
May Allah Bless Nigeria

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